[Your task is] of an extensive nature as it includes an investigation of the whole of Natural History of the countries you are to visit . . . to enumerate all of the Trees, Shrubs, Grasses Ferns, and Mosses . . . to note what sort of Beasts, Birds and Fishes likely to prove useful either for food or commerce . . . and always to act as you judge most likely to promote the interest of Science, and contribute to the increase of human knowledge.

—From Archibald Menzies’s orders prior to his voyage with George Vancouver, February, 1791

In Nature’s Realm was launched at Munro’s Books in Victoria,
October 2019 

In Nature’s Realm: Early Naturalists Explore Vancouver Island
by Michael Layland, 2019
published by Touchwood Editions
10.125 x 9.375 inches
288 pages, hardcover
ISBN 9781771513067
CDN $40

The place itself appears a perfect “Eden,” in the midst of the dreary wilderness of the North west coast, and so different is its general aspect from the wooded, rugged regions around, that one might be pardoned for supposing it had dropped from the clouds into its present position . . . fields knee deep in cover, tall grasses and ferns reaching above our heads . . . unequivocal proofs of fertility.

—James Douglas from a letter he wrote to a friend

The first copy of A Perfect Eden arrived at Touchwood,
September 2016. The author with publisher Taryn Boyd.

A Perfect Eden: Encounters by Early Explorers of Vancouver Island
by Michael Layland, 2016
published by Touchwood Editions
10.125 x 9.375 inches
256 pages, hardcover
CDN $39.95

Maps speak not just about the lay
of the land, but also of the state
of civilization itself. As artifacts,
they help us trace the causes, con-straints, and biases—of the nations
and of the individuals—under which they were produced.
—Michael Layland, from the book's introduction 

The Land of Heart’s Delight: Early Maps and Charts of Vancouver Island
by Michael Layland, 2013
published by Touchwood Editions
10 x 9.4 inches
240 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-1-77151-015-8
CDN $39.95

Author with wife Jean Layland
at BC Book Awards, 2014
© 2020 Michael Layland, Author, Victoria BC